Every two seconds someone is need of blood at some corner of the globe. Also thousands of people need blood everyday in Bangladesh. Despite of having a huge amount of YOUTH in our population the demand are not being met.
Reasons include:

  • Lack of platform for the meeting of people in need of blood and donors.
  • Inadequate knowledge about blood donation.
  • Fear of blood donation and a lot more.

We at "Shonit" want to bridge this gap between the people who need blood and who can donate blood by creating a platform for interaction.

We are a group of individuals who believe in the power of youth and want to use this power to eradicate the gap between the demand and supply of blood donation.

We invite YOU to join this noble cause and help us in our mission. Thank you for your support and welcome to the family!


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Aswat A Mujib has a wealth of experience in project management , entrepreneurship, arbitration , CSR, national & international delegation and collaboration . A banker and a business scholar , Mr. Mujib has launched many CSR projects through national and international collaborations and gave pace to its growth momentum by dint of his vision, dedication and creativity. Prior to his various commitments in Bangladesh, Mr. Mujib had studied sustainability study in Harvard Business School , Harvard University , Boston , MA , USA and Grown a trait of organisational leadership from Ambassadors school of global leadership in Los Angeles , CA , USA a global leadership school of creating the finest youth leaders. He is currently serving as Vice President in National Bank Limited and is also adjunct faculty in Canadian University of Bangladesh .
He has previously served in key strategic positions in Shahjalal Islami Bank and Padma Bank as well as other private organisations where his contributions were iconic to the strategic and governance aspects of a major part of the industry.
Mr. Mujib has various other success in national and international Deligations , collaborations and arbitrations among which notable ones are ARCYMM-2015 (India), YCAF-2015 ( South Korea), Hollman M. C collaboration ISoCal - 2018 (USA).

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Md. Maruf Rayhan is a young enthusiast and entrepreneur, founded SHONIT with the dream of doing something for the betterment of mankind. He is currently working as a Risk Analyst at Shahjalal Asset Management Ltd. He completed his Bachelors of business studies from Bangladesh University of Professionals. He is a Certified Supply Chain Analyst and has experience in management and operations of non profit organizations.He has also worked with multiple Not for profit organizations and social causes before.
Technology enhances a person's ability. Technology can also be used to help save lives. With this thought in mind SHONIT was founded to create a bridge between the blood donors and the the person in need of the blood. The activities of SHONIT are not only confined in blood donation but also The founders have the vision to serve humanity to the fullest extent through several other activities.
He believes that blood donation should be free and every life is precious.He also believes in the power of youth and the change it can bring to the world.

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Anika Salsabil is currently working as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer in an offshore software development company. She keeps interest in working in the field of Artificial Intelligence. She has expertise in Python Programming and Web Development. She is fond of creating digital contents, such as infographics. She has a passion to learn and help others in learning. She, along with the other co-founders have the dream to serve the humanity through different voluntary works- to make the world a better place.